Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why the Fold Benefits of Folding Bikes

*****Folding bike rant
I just compared an $800 Dahon to a $800 comfort/city/bike path bike.
This Dahon Blows them away.  No car rack needed. Wide ratio gearing.  Fit 5' to 6'3" rider in 10 seconds.  Fits in almost any car trunk.   Easy to keep out of the weather.  Store it in a closet or behind a chair. Easily fits behind my recliner and next to my desk at work.   Take it inside at work.  They both roll out about as easy.  The city bike had a little lower gearing so riding up a very steep hill would be a little easier.  Top speed about the same.  Did I mention you can share this bike with your partner if you are 6’3” and she is 5’.  

No Garage at home? No problem.  Store it in a closet, car trunk, behind a recliner, under a desk.

The pitch I would use now would be ---No car rack needed--or Ride when you get there---always ready for the ride--.

***Why Fold?


Dahon MU D10 Folding Aluminum Bicycle

Dahon MU D10 Folding Bike 10 Speed Drive Train Aluminum Frame

This lightweight Dahon folder is an excellent multiuse bicycle.  Wide ratio gearing allows it to climb hills and still have a top gear that you probably will not spin out on flat ground.  Extremely adjustable riding positions allow riders less than 5’ tall to riders 6’3” to efficiently ride this bike.  The high pressure (100 psi) wide tires are very fast when at full pressure for pavement but also work well on gravel or rails to trails rides by dropping the pressure some.

Folding bikes are awesome town bikes, Ride this anywhere and if you get caught in the rain you won’t need a Van or Car rack on the car to get home.  Folding this bike takes less than 30 seconds and allows you to put the bike in almost any car trunk or back seat.  This bike is excellent for multimodal travel, part way by bus or subway part way by bike.  Suggested list price $799.

7 speed and three speed folding bikes will not have near the range of gearing of this 10 speed bike.  The 11 to 32 tooth cassette matched to the 53 tooth crank will allow you to always ride in an efficient comfortable gear.  My issue with most 7 speed bikes is they do not have a high enough top gear to comfortably ride on flat pavement if you are an avid rider.

This bike will come as packed by the factory.  It will probably need a little brake and or derailleur adjustment and the pedals installed.

Shimano Tiagra 10 speed shifter and derailleur

Folded Size 26.8 x 13.4 x 31.9 inches

10 Speed 11/32  Cassette

Forged Aluminum Crank with 53 Tooth Removeable Chainring

Aluminium outer chainguard with inner nylon chain guide

20” (406) Wheels 28 spoke 135mm rear cassette, 20 spoke front

Lightweight Alloy Rims with red wear guide

High pressure (up to 100 psi) 20 x 2.20 CST tires

Front and Rear V-brakes

Ergonomic Grips

Kickstand included

Folding pedals

Adjustable height aluminum Dahon Handlebar and stem

Lightweight extra long seatpost with numbers to reset easily

Dahon front luggage mount under Dahon Badge

Brushed Aluminum frame with Red and Black highlights.

Suggested list price $799 plus tax.