Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why the Fold Benefits of Folding Bikes

*****Folding bike rant
I just compared an $800 Dahon to a $800 comfort/city/bike path bike.
This Dahon Blows them away.  No car rack needed. Wide ratio gearing.  Fit 5' to 6'3" rider in 10 seconds.  Fits in almost any car trunk.   Easy to keep out of the weather.  Store it in a closet or behind a chair. Easily fits behind my recliner and next to my desk at work.   Take it inside at work.  They both roll out about as easy.  The city bike had a little lower gearing so riding up a very steep hill would be a little easier.  Top speed about the same.  Did I mention you can share this bike with your partner if you are 6’3” and she is 5’.  

No Garage at home? No problem.  Store it in a closet, car trunk, behind a recliner, under a desk.

The pitch I would use now would be ---No car rack needed--or Ride when you get there---always ready for the ride--.

***Why Fold?


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